Team Refunds and Cancellations

When a team is formed and a player registers for the team, the player is making a commitment that is expected to last for the entire club year.  If after the team is formed a player withdraws, it places the remaining players at a disadvantage. In some cases, the team may fall short of the required number of players to remain registered with the league. Players and families are expected to give serious consideration to this commitment when they register and commit to a team. Therefore, based on these factors our refund policies are as follows: 

  • Deposits are never refundable
  • For players who withdraw from a team voluntarily after the deposit has been paid - no refund is given nor are subsequent monthly payments canceled.
  • For players who withdraw due to injury (and can produce verification from a doctor) or family relocation - refunds are available and any refund or monthly fee adjustment will be pro-rated and/or adjusted accordingly.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund, please click here and provide the name of the player and reason for the request.  Refund requests should be submitted within 14 days of the arising reason for the refund.  Any request will be reviewed and addressed within seven days.