Third Annual Mini Field Event

One unique opportunity afforded to Sporting Columbus players is the opportunity to play on MAPFRE Stadium’s mini-field.  On October 14, Sporting Columbus will continue the tradition and host the third annual mini field competition.  The teams for this year will be:

Team 1 - Coach Cobby Team 2 - Coach Jeff Team 3 - Coach Hunter Team 4 - Coach Dante
Crosby Ackerman Takeo Berry Eddie Bloch Callum Anderson
Matthew Bline Luca DeLibera Seth Cohen Mason Baldwin
Cooper Dorsett Bejamin Dezalovski Charles Flowers Jon Barnard II
Marshall Fisher Kipton Ferchert Jemma Gold Christian Cua
Asaf Martinez Jonah Goodman Reed Khan Nico Estevez
Marigold Perkins Lincoln Luffler Charlie Naumoff Zander Isroff Nekic
Kyle Prater William Pusateri Rafael Patterson Preston Mack
Elliott Trautner Cooper Warren Thomas Ryan Bram Milliman


The schedule for the event is:

Time Gray Jersey Score Black Jersey Score
10:00 am Team 3 2 Team 4 5
10:30 am Team 1 1 Team 2 1
11:00 am Team 2 1 Team 4 2
11:30 am Team 1 6 Team 3 5
12:00 pm Team 2 1 Team 3 5
12:30 pm Team 1 2 Team 4 2


Please click here for the rules.

All familes must park in the north lot and enter gate 9.  Please note the parking lot will not open until 9:25 am.

A concession stand will be available so there is no outside food permitted into the stadium.